The World Famous Kenton Club
Music Booze and Regrets
Monday - Friday 11:00am - 2:30am
Saturday - Sunday 10:30am - 2:30am


Thurs 6/1
  Leafminer, Scourge of Ians, The Foil Antenna LP

Fri 6/2 
 Heavy Baang Staang, Animal Throat, Spatia

Sat 6/3
  RILLA, Watch List, 63 Fremonts

Sun 6/4
  Disassturbator, Slather, Moisture Farmer

Thurs 6/8
  And And And, Taller Younger Brother, Lonesome Radio Heart

Fri 6/9 
 Harrison Garrison, Tashi Delay

Sat 6/10
  Born Cosmic, walking Stalking Robots, Dear Drummer

Thur 6/15 
 Stars Blood, Agents of Ecco

Fri 6/16 
Sex Crime, Lexxi Vexx, Hauer Things, Girl Drink Drunks,
Petey J. Cool w/ DJ HWY 7 & The Ghost Train

Sat 6/17
  Bad Move, Last Giant, The Holdout, Queen Chief

Thurs 6/22 
 Sol, Abrams, Menin

Fri 6/23 
 SSOLD, Stress Position, Born A Lot

Sat 6/24 
Stranded By Choice

Thurs  6/29 
 New Maps, Sean Taylor & The Angry Lisas

                     Stay tuned, we are always booking new shows and planning new events that will  rock your world!