The World Famous Kenton Club
Music Booze and Regrets
Monday - Friday 11:00am - 2:30am
Saturday - Sunday 10:30am - 2:30am

Thu 7/6 
 Marcys Band, Fools, Foolish Johns

Fri 7/7
  Hair Puller, Zyl, Tallwomen, Leafminer  ($5)

Sat 7/8 
 King Ghidora, The Wilder, White Wail

Thurs 7/13 
 Post Moves, 100 Watt Horse, The Washboard Abs, Lithics

Fri 7/14
  Upper Strata, Erik Withak, Atomic Candles, DJ Vitabot 

Sat 7/15 
 The Munsens, Disenchanter, Red Cloud, Chronoclops 

Wed 7/19 
Slow Season, Lords of Beacon House, Time Rift, Roast, The Night

Thur 7/20
  The Northside Four, The Dalharts

Fri 7/21
  Dad Works Hard, Hot Won't Quit 

Sat 7/22
  Hound The Wolves, Young Hunter, Paleons

Wed 7/26

Thurs 7/27
  Lousy Bends, Grandfather, Tom Ghoulie

Fri 7/28  
 All the Colors of the Dark Psych Night #XXIII
W/ Quiet! Moogwynd and Introvert

Sat 7/29 
Sinister Six
 Monica Nelson & The Highgates
The Reverberations, The Heels


Wed 8/2
  Lana Rebel & Kevin Mayfield, Dramady, Thee Headliners

Thu 8/3 
 In The Whale, Stab In The Dark, The Living Skins

Fri 8/4 
 The Doomies, VCR, Motorcoat

Sat 8/5 
  Don Babylon

Thurs 8/10  
Joshua James & The Runaway Trains,
Lucky Tigers,

Fri 8/11 
 Top Down  ($5)

Sat 8/12  Redray Frasier
 Morgan Geer, Miss Michael Jodell, The Creston 

Thurs 8/17
  Iffy Comma,
 Disco Volante, The Hoons

Fri 8/18  
Die Like Gentlemen, Humours, Tigers on Opium

Sat 8/19 
 Queen Chief, A Deer A Horse, Harrison Garrison

Thurs 8/24  
Nine Forty PM

Fri 8/25 
 Maximum Mad, Multicult, Law Boss

Sat 8/26
  Glacial Fall, Crush Hazard, Polygris  

Thurs 8/31
 Scourge of Ians, Mark Dago, DJ Shanty, Lord British

                     Stay tuned, we are always booking new shows and planning new events that will  rock your world!