The World Famous Kenton Club
Music Booze and Regrets
Monday - Friday 11:00am - 2:30am
Saturday - Sunday 10:30am - 2:30am
Thurs 10/5 
 Anomolea, Pretenser, Bubblecats

Fri 10/6 
 Quiet!, Muzzle Tung, Moogwynd 

Sat 10/7 
 Howling Gods, Elderly Abuse, Anxieties, Inside Information 

Thurs 10/12  
ThursdaySocial  (no band)

Fri 10/13 
 Heavy Baang Staang, Crystal Lake, Materse 

Sat 10/14 
Sugartown: Spellbound Vintage Soul Dance Party 

Thurs 10/19  
Thursday Social  (no band)

Fri 10/20 
 Little Hexes, Stubborn Lovers, Mammoth in Space

Sat 10/21 

Thurs 10/26
Salo Panto, Kizik, Lousy Bends, MMRW

Fri 10/27 
Thin Rail, Madison Crawford & The Half of It, Starshine Black

Sat 10/28 
 Die Like Gentlemen, Lojia 

Sun 10/29 
 Disenchanter, King Chiefs, Young Hunter

                     Stay tuned, we are always booking new shows and planning new events that will  rock your world!