The World Famous Kenton Club
Music Booze and Regrets
Monday - Friday 11:00am - 2:30am
Saturday - Sunday 10:30am - 2:30am
Friday, June 1st

The Lonesomes Video Release Party

J. Moses and the Ragged Sunday
 The Radio Hour Band

Saturday 6/2:
 Girl Drink Drunks, Bad Channels, Reek Minds

Sunday 6/3:
Young Hunter, Cormorant (CA.), Kvasir

Thursday 6/7:
 SS Curmudgeon Record Release Party
w/ Palm Crest & the Ruby Palms

Friday 6/8:
 LáGoon, Robots of the Ancient World, Sacred Trees, Wolflaut

Saturday 6/9:
 ROOTS NIGHT: Countryside Ride & Late Shift

Thursday 6/14:
 Gay and the Straits, Cry Baby, Internet Beef

Friday 6/15:
Gamma Repeater, Mercury Tree, Moon Letters

Saturday 6/16:
 Gaytheist, Maximum Mad, Law Boss

Thursday 6/21:
 Galaxy Research, Grex (CA.), RLLRBLL

Friday 6/22:
John Value Record Release Show w/friends

Saturday 6/23:
Melanie's B-Day Bash w/Cougar, The Holdout, Support Group (WA.), Steak Knife

Sunday 6/24:
 K-Hole ft: Gumtooth, Dissassturbator, Denmo

Thursday 6/28:
 Nate Wey, Mere Mention, Charts

Friday 6/29:
 B.R.U.C.E., Average Pageant, Prison Dress


Saturday 6/30:
General Electric, Action Captain (Salem), Butter

                     Stay tuned, we are always booking new shows and planning new events that will  rock your world!